Monthly Archive: January, 2011

Comfort Food: Buttered Young Corn with Milk and Basil

So this blog is about two weeks old already and all I’ve done is eat and eat and eat. I think it’s about time I do something else, no? I love cooking as… Continue reading

Review: Twenty One Plates, BF Homes

Nothing beats capping off a super hectic and stressful day than pigging out with friends. After a particularly hellish Friday, I was so thankful I got Ze Writer and Ze Lawyer to accompany… Continue reading

Rare Find: Caramelo de Coca

I used to always look forward to checkups when I was a little kid. It was like a trip to the mall; I’d always come home with lollipop sticking out from my mouth. Candy has been… Continue reading

Review: Little Rio, BF Homes

Just when I thought finding a decent Japanese restaurant nearby that wouldn’t put a dent on my wallet was hopeless, I discovered Little Rio. I used to just drive by this small, quaint… Continue reading

Review: Food de Sentosa, BF Homes

It still amazes me how much Aguirre Avenue has changed over the years. What used to be a street lined with trees and residential houses has now become the Street That Never Sleeps… Continue reading

Tribute: Ihawan ni Sexy

Street food, by my students’ circular definition, is food peddled on the streets or the sidewalk. Usually, a person would have a cart and/or a portable stove or grill and sell anything from… Continue reading

Review: Marciano’s, Greenbelt

My friends know me as a bit of a homebody. I cringe at the thought of going to Makati for dinner mainly because it’s too far (yes, anywhere outside BF is far by… Continue reading

The Double Down Experience

I’ve been itching to sample the Double Down ever since my sister posted pictures of the thing swimming in gravy. Every time I go to KFC after work, they’d be sold out and… Continue reading

The Obligatory Introduction Post

I was contemplating on whether or not I should make a lengthy first post, but I don’t want to be too redundant and write what you already know (assuming you already checked the… Continue reading