Monthly Archive: July, 2011

Bento-Ya, BF Homes

Deep in the heart of BF Homes along the stretch of El Grande avenue lies one of the best Japanese restaurants the town can offer…if you can find it. I’ve been eating at… Continue reading

Review: David’s Hot Pot & Tea House, Nuvali

After a revitalizing Balinese massage at G’s Spa Place of Wellness (near Nuvali), I was sitting in the lobby drinking my ginger tea with honey when I was informed that we will be… Continue reading

Rare Find: Prestige Confiseur – French Truffles Coated with Pecan Nut Pieces

One of the things I really want to try, besides foie gras and sea urchin roe, is truffles. I am so fascinated by these things because they’re so damn expensive for a fungus… Continue reading

A Typical Family Weekend

Lunch: My mom’s Kare-Kare and my dad’s Spicy Garlic Shrimp. I love love love weekends.