Goodies from Sweeter Moments

I’m not a cake/pastry person. I usually go for ice cream or leche flan (who doesn’t love leche flan?), but there are times when I encounter cakes that look so mouth-watering, it’s practically calling me to eat it. Sweeter Moments is one of those.

Photo credits to Krizia Parungao.

See what I mean? Just look at that icing!

Sweeter Moments is a cake and pastry business set up by Tess Parungao, devoted wife and a mother of two, whose passion for cooking is evident in the presentation of each and every morsel that comes out of their oven. I’ve been a fan of Tita Tess’ cooking for a couple of years now (her daughter Krizia and I are friends), so when they asked if I could feature them in my blog, I didn’t have any seconds thoughts.

They sent over a box of Ferrero Cupcakes and Banana Butterscotch Muffins. You have no idea how excited I was to go home and put these in my mouth. LOL.

Three pieces each. I swear, those Ferrero pieces were screaming my name.

Ferrero Cupcakes. Box of 6 costs Php400.

I must admit I was kinda scared to try this one. Ferrero Rocher is probably one of the sweetest chocolates for me, so I was expecting this to take my blood sugar to the moon. Imagine my surprise when I took that first bite – the icing was creamy and the cupcake was soft and moist, but it wasn’t too sweet. They put just enough sugar so that it wouldn’t be too sweet even with the crushed Ferrero pieces inside the cupcake.

Banana Butterscotch Muffins. Box of 6 costs Php225.

Ah yes, Banana Butterscotch. I don’t usually eat anything butterscotch since it leaves this weird after taste in my mouth, but the bananas were able to mask that. It’s soft, moist, and I love the chunky consistency. A little too sweet (yes, I am very sensitive to sweet stuff) for my taste, but I think someone with a sweet tooth will love this.

So all in all, I ate two cupcakes and 1 1/2 muffins. Oh, and look who else is enjoying the goodies.

Miwa’s nomnom pose, as requested by Krizia. LOL.

If you need to have your cake/cupcake/pastry fix, try Sweeter Moments! They also have Red Velvet Cupcakes, Fruit Cheesecakes, traditional Chocolate Cakes, and a whole lot more!

Click here to visit their Facebook page (and “like” them while you’re at it). For orders and inquiries, you can contact Ms. Tess Parungao at (02) 8721648 or (0920) 5400901.