Picket Fence’s Mei Mei Mint

Whenever I’m having one of those days when nothing seems to be going the way I want them to and I can’t to talk to anyone or vent out my frustration, I turn to the next best thing – ice cream. Choco Mint, to be exact. If could marry and spend the eternity with one ice cream flavor, that would be it. And I don’t care what brand it is, as long as it’s Choco Mint.

So I went looking for ice cream at Southmall after a particularly grueling day and a disappointing dinner at Tokyo Cafe (I had high expectations especially after hearing how good this place was supposed to be). We chanced upon Picket Fence on our way to the department store, and I immediately went looking for my favorite flavor. Seeing they had almost run out of Mei Mei Mint (that’s what they call their Choco Mint), I was about to choose a different flavor when the seller offered to restock. She started pulling out all the ice cream and digging through the boxes inside the chest freezer. I had to help her pull out some because the ice cream was at the bottom of the pile. LOL.

I ordered for a double cup, and made a joke about giving me an extra scoop for free for helping her with the boxes. What do you know, she actually gave in. With cherry on top. LOL.

Double cup (2 scoops) for Php110, plus the extra scoop and a free cherry. The minty taste was just about right (not overpowering unlike some I’ve tried), and I love the chocolate bits. My older sister tried to get the cherry. It’s a good thing I have awesome evasive maneuvers. LOL
Moral of the story: Being helpful can get you free ice cream. xD