Nestle Crunch

One of my requirements for my Web Design class is to make a blog on a specific theme/genre and write an entry everyday for three weeks. I’ve been checking their progress and they’ve been posting interesting stuff so far, but this particular blog really stood out because it’s similar to mine. Now I know how some of my readers feel like when they see my entries. :))

And because the blog managed to make me hungry, I am now compelled to write about one of my most favorite things in the world – Nestle Crunch.

If I can marry a chocolate bar, this is it (Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut is a close second). My eyes tend to light up every time I see this bar, and my students are having a blast seeing me going all sparkly eyed over a piece of chocolate. LOL.

This cost about Ph50 in the school food court. Pricey, yes. I mean, this is an international school after all. Still, I’m happy I got my daily dose of sweetness. Even shared it with my kiddies. :))

Macky, Geneli, Ana, Loraine and Anne, outside the Computer Lab, taking their break from Web Design class.

What’s your favorite chocolate?