Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place, Pergola Mall (BF Homes)

My sisters and I wanted to try something new last night and went to Ally’s as per a friend’s suggestion (she liked their waffles). The place looked a bit dark (maybe because of the bulbs they have), which is too bad because it could’ve had that cozy feeling with all the framed quotes and the large “I ❤ BREAKFAST” near the ceiling.

allys iheartbreakfast copy

allys menu copy

So we ordered and our food came out a few minutes later. I was impressed by the fast service, but when I started eating, I realized why the service was fast – my food was cold. It felt and tasted like they’ve been prepared since this morning. Not only that, the Adobo Flakes were bland, the hot sauce wasn’t hot, the iced tea was too sweet. I don’t know about you, but when you say you serve “all-day breakfast,” you should at least serve it the way breakfast should be served – fresh off the stove.

allys tapsilog copy

They did, however, redeem themselves with the dessert. We got a Nestle Crunch Pan-crepe and it was really good (and warm). Thing is, I think I can do my own version of that at home.

allys nestle crunch crepe copy

Needless to say, I was terribly disappointed. Will I go back? Maybe for that crepe.