KEItchen Shenanigans: Classic Carbonara

Two weeks ago, I saw an episode of Masterchef Australia season 6 where celebrity chef Marco Pierre White held a masterclass with the contestants and made a Carbonara in 10-15 minutes. I was so amazed by how simple, quick, and utterly appetizing it was that I promised myself I would replicate his recipe.

carbonara ingredients copy

Ingredients I used: (made a few changes on MPW’s)

– 2 Knorr Chicken cubes

– 6 egg yolks

– Approx. 100ml All-purpose cream

– 350g spaghetti noodles

– Approx. 60g of bacon, chopped and fried until crispy

– 100g sliced mushrooms, sautéed in a bit of butter

– Grana Padano cheese, grated (or Parmesan, if you don’t have GP)

– Ground black pepper

What do you know, it really did take me about 15 minutes to finish cooking. Even took my older sister by suprise. :))

How to cook ze carbonara:

1. Put water in a pot (make sure to use a big enough pot so there’s enough space for the noodles to cook evenly) and bring it to a boil.

2. When the pot is boiling, add the chicken cubes, a bit of salt, and some olive oil. This is the part that speeds up the entire cooking process, because instead of cooking the sauce, you’re seasoning the pasta itself. That’s one less thing to cook.

3. Put the pasta in the pot. MPW gave a pretty useful tip when cooking pasta noodles – if the package says the noodles take 10 minutes to cook, cook it for 8-9 mins. If it says 13 minutes, cook it in 10-12 minutes. By the time you’ve drained the pasta and put it in the sauce, it’s had that extra minute.

4. While the pasta is cooking, whisk the cream and the egg yolks together in a big bowl. The amount of cream actually depends on how rich you want the sauce to be.

5. Drain the cooked pasta and add that onto the bowl with the egg-cream sauce and mix them together thoroughly. The heat from the noodles will cook the egg. Sprinkle some od the crispy bacon and sautéed mushrooms while tossing.

6. Sprinkle a bit of the grated Grana Padano cheese, mushrooms and bacon on a clean serving plate. Place some of the pasta on top. Sprinkle bacon and mushroom on top, then put the rest of the pasta. Top it off with more cheese and the rest of the bacon and mushrooms. Add pepper to taste.

7. Serve with a bowl of cheese, just in case you have a cheese-monster (like me) among you.

carbonara copy

Serves 3-4 people.


– Mixing the cheese with the sauce will make it sticky, which isn’t good for consistency.
– Because the sauce isn’t pan-cooked with the mushrooms and bacon (which is traditionally done here in the Philippines), the bacon stays crispy, adding texture to the dish.

I was a bit apprehensive about how this was going to turn out (it’s the first time I’ve done something like this) and I know I added a little too much cream, but my sister and our helper seemed to like it (they both had seconds). Yeah, thad made me happy. :))

And there you have it! Classic Carbonara! Will definitely make this again, and I promise not to go crazy with the cream. :))