Cholate, BF Resort Village

When it takes you a year before you update your food blog, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with your life.

So many restaurants have been tried and so many food have been tasted and digested but I had neither the time nor the energy to talk about it. Hay, life. Maybe I should start considering micro-blogging (why do I feel like I’ve said this before?). We’ll see.

But as I made a promise to go back to food blogging, I will see this post through and try (to the best of my abilities) to find the time to blog about one of my favorite things on the face of this Earth – food and eating. Ay wait, dalawa pala yon. Hihi.


Cholate (pronounced as cho-leyt), owned by the young and beautiful Raleigh Guzman, is a small, homey chocolate bar and cafe located along Gloria Diaz St. in BF Resort, and they offer some of the best chocolate shakes I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

I think the thing that makes this place so great is the people behind it. Raleigh’s sunny disposition and love of food are infectious, and that passion is evident in Cholate, from the friendly staff, to the inspirational messages on the walls, to the cups, to the food she makes. You enter the shop and you feel welcome, happy, and most importantly, you feel full. If I could visit everyday, I would.

true blue pinoy

Let’s get to the food, shall we?

pocket mac
The Pocket Mac (Php155.00). Generous amounts of creamy, cheesy Mac N’ Cheese with chopped Hungarian sausage stuffed in pocket pitas. Unlike some other mac n’ cheese I’ve tried, this one has the right balance of cheese and cream with a kick of heat from the sausages. I totally underestimated the size of this thing, haha. It’s a bit difficult to eat if you’re using your hands, but hey, I don’t mind getting dirty for good food. And you can always ask for a fork. Hehe. Available only for the month of November.

true blue pinoy 03
True Blue Pinoy (Php150.00). Also known as Salted Chocnut. Local chocolate, ice cream, salt, and chocnut. Omaygad, heaven.

The “Good Night” Mug Cake, the special limited-time item for the month of October which Raleigh was kind enough to let me try even if they don’t really offer it anymore hehe. I’ve always loved the hot-and-cold dessert combo and this absolutely hits that mark, and the cake is really moist. Unfortunately, it’s a little too sweet for me. Then again, I’m not known for having a sweet tooth.

These are just some items on their menu. I am eager to try their chocolate cupcakes with rootbeer (!!!), Suman Con Tsokolate, Hungry Man’s Pasta, everything! Check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts and prepare to feel really, really hungry, hahahaha.

If you guys are looking for comfort food, do drop by Cholate (congrats on the new place, by the way!). Support local!

Location: #41 AEC Bldg. Gloria Diaz St. BF Resort Village, 1740 Las Piñas, Philippines

Contact Number: (0906) 2192988

Store Hours: 12 NN to 10 PM (Mon-Thurs), 12 NN to 11 PM (Fri-Sun)

Cuisine: Desserts, drinks, pasta and sandwiches

Price Range: Php110.00~

Payment Method: Cash only