Blue Plates Version 3!

Hooray for BP’s new look! I finally made the time to work on this overhaul which I’ve been meaning to do for the longest time. Real life is a b*tch. LOL.


I’m sure you noticed the new logo. It’s a chubby knife and a weird-looking fork inside a blue plate. I tried to make the knife and fork look like a B and a P without distorting it too much. Plus I saw from my research that there are a lot of similar logos out there. I had to make mine different somehow. Tada!

blueplates logo with name

BP now has an Instagram account too! I figured I’d keep up with the times, and with my blogging time seriously compromised by school and freelance work, I might as well give in to micro-blogging. Please follow @blueplatesph and make me happy! :))

bp ig

It’s 2AM and I’m hyper. I think I had a little too much coffee today. LOL. I’ll be updating soon!