Tasty Tuesdays: Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

I’m supposed to be revising my article and the laying out the magazine I’m working on but yeah. I’m here. Procrastination at its finest.

Ever since we got an oven, my sister and I have been cooking like crazy. Finally, I could recreate those mouth-watering recipes I see and repost on my Facebook wall. They’ve all turned out quite nicely, so a friend (who makes cakes and pastries and also happens to love blogging about food) and I decided to blog about our recreations from Tasty. Hence, Tasty Tuesday was born!

That was months ago. I’m only posting my first entry today. Sorry! :))


This seemed simple enough to make. I showed this to my sister and a week later, voila!

baked garlic parmesan chicken wings

Close enough. :))

Preparation – 5/5. You only need to mince fresh basil and garlic. Unless you hate knives, this is easy to prep.

Taste – 5/5. Almost like the ones we order from Buffalo Wings N’ Things. ❤


– Follow the prescribed cooking time. Since it was our first time, my sister and I weren’t sure if the chicken was cooked through so we extended the cooking time to a minute or two. As a result, some pieces were dry. The second time we made this, we stuck to the time and we got perfect, moist chicken wings.

– Use fresh basil. It just has that freshness to the dish, something dried basil doesn’t have.

I think you don’t need to ask how much food we ate that night. LOL. And this began my quest to try out all the Tasty recipes I find. *evil laugh*

Want to try this out? Click here for the complete recipe.