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Outrè’s Liquid Nitrogen Gelato and Prawn Mac N’ Cheese

I’ve been living in BF Homes my whole life, and the amount of restaurants with interesting gimmicks popping up like wild mushrooms in Aguirre Ave. never ceases to amaze me. One such place… Continue reading

Cholate, BF Resort Village

When it takes you a year before you update your food blog, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with your life. So many restaurants have been tried and so many food have… Continue reading

Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place, Pergola Mall (BF Homes)

My sisters and I wanted to try something new last night and went to Ally’s as per a friend’s suggestion (she liked their waffles). The place looked a bit dark (maybe because of… Continue reading

Swiss Deli Restaurant, BF Homes

Last week, I got invited to a food-tasting event in BF Homes by Ruth, one of my blogger friends who referred me to Albert Saspa since she couldn’t make it. I said yes… Continue reading

Shi Lin, Alabang Town Center

I first heard about Shi Lin from my sister, who had purchased a voucher for dimsum and noodles. So we went, stuffed ourselves senseless, and we’ve been coming back ever since. The main… Continue reading

Black Canyon Coffee, SM Southmall

With Miwa out for the Tegan and Sara concert in The NBC Tent, BGC, Ate Mars and I decided to eat out at Black Canyon Coffee in SM Southmall, as part of our… Continue reading

Kafe Yen, BF Homes

Last year, I attended the opening of Manna Cafe and Bakery with my friend Ruth. A year later, I was a bit taken aback with the changes that happened in the span of… Continue reading

Bai: Flavors of the South, BF Homes

It’s been a while since my colleagues and I went out for dinner because of all the activities and the stress we had to go through for the semester. So as soon as… Continue reading

Stella Wood Fired Bistro, Bonifactio High Street Central

I very rarely go to The Fort. Being the sucky driver that I am, I’m daunted by the many twists and turns and the sheer amount of cars in the area especially on… Continue reading

Chili’s, Alabang Town Center

I must admit I was excited when I found out that Chili’s will open a branch in Alabang Town Center. The last time I ate there was years ago, when the only Chili’s… Continue reading